Transforming Peoples Lives

Promoting the opportunities of people from all situations

About us

Our Vision

We are working together to fulfil our vision to alleviate and encourage those who need help to achieve their potential by utilising our team through their different skill-sets and contacts and, more importantly, with your help.

Our Team

Our Team is led by a group of Trustees of whom all share the vision and values represented by TPL. We are committed to bringing about change amongst individuals, in communities and across society.

Our Partners

Our partners are individual donors and corporate companies which enable the charity to provide funding for the individual independent charities being supported by TPL.

How the Charity Works


TPL Endowment Fund

Supporting charities

i.e. mental health, homeless, amateur sport, addictions, children in other countries with no supporting family (street children)

Mental health


Amateur sport


Street children

Panel of charities to incorporate the needs of others which TPL will fund include:


Our donations will come from limited companies and individuals. In making charitable gifts to TPL companies can deduct the amount of the gift from profits chargeable to Corporation Tax, and receive relief at the current rate of 19%.