Our Team

Our Team is led by a group of Trustees of whom all share the vision and values represented by TPL. We are committed to bringing about changes amongst  individuals, in communities and across society.

Peter Caton

Qualified Financial Adviser – have worked for over 10 years as Director of a registered financial services company in South Woodford.  I have an interest and burden for charitable work, having supported shelter for homeless people locally, and acted as a Trustee for the East London Community Foundation (ELCF).  I have energy and commitment to ensure TPL moves ahead to provide tangible financial support for impoverished and stricken lives.

Christine Caton

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and in practice; I play an active role in financial matters of TPL and also have a love and a heart for children and young people.  I am most concerned and care for so many people of all ages, including children with severe afflictions which last all their lives, those afflicted with addictions, the homeless and other needy areas.

Rob Mathison

Chartered Architect and Director of Archicraft Limited, a professional practice in East London.  I am a Director of a local preparatory school; on the Senior Leadership Team and Trustee of a local Baptist Church, with oversight of the music (worship) groups previously involved in performing in schools for an education charity. My interest in voluntary work supports the desire for TPL to reach those suffering as a result of injustice and problems which prevent them from living fulfilled lives.  

Pat Liddiard MBE

For many years, working, advising and volunteering with charities in the UK and abroad. My career was with a major Oil company, then Barnardo’s, and with senior members of the Royal Family. My passion is always for children and young people, daily struggling to survive, damaged physical and mentally or in poverty – to give them appropriate help to rise above their situations.