Our Partners

Our partners are individual donors and corporate companies which enable the charity to provide funding for the individual independent charities being supported by TPL.

TPL seek to encompass our donor’s desired charities, whether that’s from improving the needs of disadvantaged children, helping those trapped in poverty, changing the lives of those caught up in addictions, or many other needs.

TPL wishes to provide a lasting legacy by continuing to transform people’s lives with the help of the/an endowment fund which will provide income for the future.  This can only be achieved with your help and donations to provide for the aims and objectives of the charity as set out above.  For example, with an endowment fund of approximately £200,000, then a level of income of, say, 3% per annum could provide £6,000 per annum for charitable purposes. The long term aim is to provide an accumulative capital sum in excess of £1m, providing an income of £30,000 per year for distribution (based on £1 million capital sum), whilst keep the capital intact.